Healthy Screen Time For Kids Who Are Socially Distancing!


At Ready, Set, Draw! I make sure that kids are staying entertained while stuck in their homes during the coronavirus quarantine. I know it's hard to keep your kids occupied while trying to work from home and I'm here to help!

What is Ready, Set, Draw!?

Ready, Set, Draw! is a free zoom art class for kids ages 4 through 7. It is a 20 minute class where you learn how to draw anything from a bird to a train!

What Do I Need?

In order to join the class all you need is an internet connected screen, a pencil, some crayons, an eraser, and some paper!


Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Tabitha Cahan and that's one of my many sisters! I am junior at Episcopal High School who enjoys arts and crafts. This idea was born when I saw how bored my 5 year old sister was during quarantine and I wanted to do something about it! Having two working parents I see how hard it is to juggle working and caring for your kids whilst at home. Hopefully I can give some time for parents to relax during these trying times while still keeping their kids occupied by exploring their creative side!

Text or Call me at      415-987-1558

to receive the zoom link or feel free to reach out with questions!


Mondays @11am pst

Tuesdays @10am pst

Fridays @9am pst

Kids From All Around the World Joining! Check it out!